The various essential points to be kept in mind while travelling

January 17, 2019

Travel the Carolinas from North to South and discover an unknown America, made of endless beaches and historic towns preserved. The states of North Carolina and South Carolina are well-known tourist destinations of the Americans but totally ignored by European travel guides. Discover with us the history and culture of the Southern United States, while enjoying white sand beaches. History has left a strong imprint in this part of the United States. You will discover the historic towns of Charleston and Savannah, their cobbled streets and their beautifully restored 18th and 19th century houses. It is also an opportunity to visit the Fort Sumter, where the first cannon shots of the Civil War or plantations that evoke irremediably gone with the wind.

Treat yourself with some wondrous shopping experiences

Let yourself be tempted by the cuisine of the South, a mixture of African and Caribbean influences, with a predilection for seafood, oysters and shrimps. The city of Charleston is especially famous for its restaurants, but you will find something to eat everywhere. Do not forget to try cooking on the Barbecue, another pride of the South, book some time for shopping in the giant shopping malls that you find on your way. Consumption paradise requires, you will always find incredible deals, especially on the clothes of big brands. Tip: Go with an empty suitcase. Finally, it is a very family destination, easily accessible, including with young children. You will always find activities that will appeal to young and old!

When to Go To North Carolina and South Carolina?

It is possible to visit North Carolina and South Carolina in any season. On the coast, the winter is rather mild and you will avoid the crowd. In summer, the weather is warm (over 30 ° C) and humid enough, ideal to enjoy the many beaches but plan sunscreen because the UV index is high (10 to 11). Many Americans go to beaches in the summer but the coast is very extensive, you will not have trouble finding a location at the beach! In the Appalachian Mountains (which cross these two states), the winter is snowy, it is rather advisable to go there in autumn to take advantage of the extraordinary colors that take the trees and to try to see bears preparing their hibernation. Summers are cooler than on the coast (25 ° C to 27 ° C) and the mountains covered with forests allow for very pleasant hikes. Visit, to avail various discounts regarding travelling.

Can I Go With My Family To North Carolina And South Carolina?

The states of North Carolina and South Carolina are a very family-friendly destination. Americans love children who will always be well received. In the restaurant, you will be offered a high chair and colored pencils to keep the youngest ones busy. Older children (from 5 years old) will be at the party: amusement park, aquariums, carriage rides or boat rides. There is no problem of hygiene and the accommodations are clean and well kept. In case of problems, you will easily find a pharmacy or a doctor. The United States being the country of the car, expect to travel long distances, and plan to occupy the children during trips!